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Introduction to the McMasters of Kilkere

When I started looking into the McMaster family, I didn't know how many there were over the years. The main families that are known are the Clarkwood, Derreentunny, and Dromore Branches. However, there have been McMasters in Ballynarry, Cloughmine and of course in Kilkere. The connections to the early Kilkere McMasters can not be shown at this time for certain for a variety of reasons. Below is a link to the families that I could not connect. Below that is a recent map of the area. Clarkwood is the English name for Cuilnagleragh.

The Derreentunny, Roscommon McMasters

The Dromore McMasters

William McMaster and Margaret Frazer

John McMaster of Kilkere and Some Descendents

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The following is an account of some of the family of the mother of James Archibald Frazer (my great-grandfather). The McMasters, like the Frazers and many other Irish families were split between those seeking their fortunes outside of Ireland and those who chose to stay. I am sure the process of leaving your home country was difficult as was staying under difficult conditions when friends and family were leaving. This is the first family I have researched where my ancestor in that family did not emmigrate to the United States. The McMasters appear to have backgrounds in common with the Frazers. They both were farmers for the most part, originated in Scotland, apparently, settled in a similar area of Ireland at an early date, and belonged to the Church of Ireland.

I am quite sure of the information beginning in Generation Five. Before that, the connections are less sure and there are people we know of with the McMaster surname who have not been placed yet. As in most genealogies, much mystery remains and many questions await to be answered.

Generation One

Children of John1 McMaster include:

John is the first known McMaster of note in the Kilmactranny area. The earliest McMaster of record in the Kilmactranny area obtained a lease in Kilcere in 1734. This was probably leased to the father or uncle of the above John McMaster. The next one mentioned in the lease is Abraham in 1792. In 1792 Abraham was 77 and he would have been born about 1715. He was mentioned as the third life of the three life lease. Perhaps he was the brother of the John above. Assuming that the lease of 1812 followed Abraham's death, that would have made him nearly 97 when he died. The Dundas Estate Rentals referred to in the 1998 Hibernian Report on the McMasters also shows an Abraham McMaster as tenant of the property in 1804. Whether this Abraham is the same as the one in 1792 (or even the one in 1812!) is unclear.

The Elphin Census of 1749 mention a John McMaster, farmer with 2 children under 14 and 3 over 14 living at Kilcere. Also a Hugh McMaster is mentioned who is a laborer with 1 child under 14. The Abraham mentioned above is likely the only one of the children of John now identified. The child of Hugh is not identified.

Descendents of these 6 children are likely identified in the Tithe Applotment of 1824.

It is likely that all the McMasters in the neighboring Townlands descendended from McMasters of Kilkere.

Generation Two

2. ACHIBALD2 MCMASTER (John1) was born circa 1730. He married A. Briton.
He was also known as Archie.
Children of Achibald2 McMaster and A. Briton were:

Arthur Livingstone was able to find an early deed dated June 7, 1812. That deed leases the Town Land of "Kilkear"

"... unto the said William McMaster his Heirs and Assigns from the day of the decease of Abraham McMaster the present Tenant for and during the term of twenty one years from Thence then next ensuing for the natural life of Abraham McMaster aged years Son of Abraham McMaster the younger and cousin of the said Wiliam McMaster at the yearly rent of ninety pounds..."

From the above leasee we learn some several things and may imply some others.

It is not clear to me whether prior to 1858, Kilcere included Cuilnaghlerah where my ancestors lived. Cuilnaghlerah is to the South of Kilcare (current spelling). There was apparently an ancient Church in Kilcare. Kil refers to Church and ruins are shown on maps to the North of the Townland. The Tithe Applotment lists a Parish of Kilcare under the Parish of Kilmactranny. In the Tithe Applotment of 1824, the Kilcare McMasters included Wm McMaster & Co., Abr'm McMaster & Co and Jas. Middleton & Arch. McMaster. There are now a Robert and John McMaster listed in Drummore to the East of Kilcare.

The groupings in the 1824 Tithe Applotment of Kilcare are as follows:
William McMaster & Co. 33 acres
Abraham McMaster & Co. 12 acres
Archy Hare(?) & Co. 10 acres
Thomas Boyd
Widow McMaster
John Thompson
Matthew Noone
21 acres
This is probably The John Thompson who married Eliza McMaster in 1804
William McMaster (Sr.?)
Archy Hure (?)
Owen Fowley
John Thompson
James Gaffiny (?)
11 acres
John Middleton
Archibald McMaster
82 acres

It appears that those McMasters listed could have been of the age or younger of Abraham McMaster (generation 3). The children of Abraham may have been too young to be considered the main occupiers of the land inf the 1824 Tithe Applotment. James Middlemton may have been related by marriage to the McMasters.

Generation Three

3. ABRAHAM3 MCMASTER (Achibald2, John1) was born circa 1764. He married Margery (--?--). He was buried on 4 Apr 1829 at Kilmactranny Church, Sligo, Ireland.
Children of Abraham3 McMaster and Margery (--?--) were as follows:

Generation Four

4. ABRAHAM4 MCMASTER (Abraham3, Achibald2, John1) was born circa 1797. He married Margery (--?--).
Children of Abraham4 McMaster and Margery (--?--) were as follows:

5. WILLIAM BRITON4 MCMASTER (Abraham3, Achibald2, John1) was born circa 1802 at Aberdeen, Scotland. He married Jane Noble. He died at Sligo, Ireland.
Children of William Briton4 McMaster and Jane Noble were as follows:

6. ROBERT4 MCMASTER (Abraham3, Achibald2, John1) was born in 1803. He married Mary Mae (--?--). He was buried on 3 Jan 1888 at Kilmactranny Church of Ireland, Sligo.
Children of Robert4 McMaster and Mary Mae (--?--) were as follows:

7. JAMES4 MCMASTER SR. (Abraham3, Achibald2, John1) was born circa 1806. He married Fanny McMaster, daughter of William McMaster and Margaret Frazer. He was buried on 13 Mar 1874 at Kilmactranny, Sligo, Ireland.
He was a Farmer.
Children of James4 McMaster Sr. and Fanny McMaster were as follows:

The parents of Fanny McMaster are better documented than James. His parents are listed by way of tradition. The agnomen Senior attached to his name seems not to distinguish him from his son, but from another James McMaster (Probably his nephew - See #8) who owned land at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Legend was that James was considerably older than Fanny. People have heard of others seeing pictures of this couple, but I am unaware of any photographs surviving. Fanny's father William is perhaps the same "Wm McMaster & Co." listed in the Tithe Applotment.

8. ARCHIBALD A.4 MCMASTER (Abraham3, Achibald2, John1) was born circa 1809. He married Elizabeth Mitchell.
Children of Archibald A.4 McMaster and Elizabeth Mitchell were as follows:

Some additional information on this family from Anne West, January 10, 2010:

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