Descendants of James Howorth

Descendants of James Howorth


ebenezersml (40K)
Ebenezer Particular Baptist 1812

Due to problems in tracing the Hartley ancestors, I am adding other lines. Ann Emmet was from Bacup and her mother was a Howorth. Although the area is Bacup today, Bacup was not formally a Town until after the Hartleys moved out of the area. The Howorths were agricultural workers before the cotton mills were built. Before Bacup was a cotton mill center, it was a small village.

Bacup had a Baptist meeting house since the late 1600's and the Howorths from what I can tell were Baptists. They attended the Ebenezer Particular Baptist Church. The "particular" meant that the theology favored some of the teachings of John Calvin. The religious ancestry of the Hartleys in England were Church of England, Baptist and Wesleyan. This can be seen in the Churches attended by the Pillings, Wilkinsons and Hartleys in New Bedford.

Generation One

1. JAMES1 HOWORTH was born in 1768. He married Mary (--?--). He died on 15 May 1839 at Underbank, Bacup. He was buried at Headstone No. 0028, Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Lanehead, Bacup.
Children of James1 Howorth and Mary (--?--) were as follows:
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Modern Map of Trough and Hogshead

There is a Trough Gate that is in Britannia which is to the Southeast of Bacup. Higher Hogshead is up the Hill from the Trough. Tong is roughly about Rockliffe. A note on the birth record for Esther identifies her birthplace as Nun Hills. This area and Hey Head near New Church are shown on the wider map. Underbank is where the Hartleys and Wilkinson were listed as living on the 1851 Census.

nunhillssml (77K)
Hey Head and Nun Hill West of Bacup

I assumed that there was only one James and Mary Howorth family at the time the above children were born. I would seem that if that was the case, then this family moved around a bit. Actually there was an earlier short lived Pastor buried at the Ebenezer Particular Baptist Church that shared the same name as this couple. He died in 1786 at age 28.

Thanks to the work of CEMSEARCH-uk, I have found the likely parents of James. It appears on the transcriptions from Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Lanehead, Bacup:


Of Underbank
Died Wednesday, May 15 1839, Aged 71
Born in the year 1768
Husband of Mary

Died Thursday, February 14 1811, Aged 79
Born in the year 1732
Wife of James

Generation Two

2. ESTHER2 HOWORTH (James1) was born on 22 Oct 1800 at Nothill, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She married Isaac Emmet, son of Edmund Emmet and Sarah (--?--), on 1 Mar 1821 at St. Chad, Rochdale, Lancashire, England.
Children of Esther2 Howorth and Isaac Emmet were as follows:

Generation Three

3. ANN3 EMMET (Esther2 Howorth, James1) was born on 10 Jun 1829 at Bacup, Lancashire, England. She married Greenwood Hartley, son of Robert Hartley and Mary Pilling, on 18 Dec 1851 at Bacup Chapelry, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She died on 5 Sep 1906 at Rochester, MA, at age 77. She was buried at Sherman Cemetery, Rochester.
She Listed as Hannah on daughter Mary Ann's wedding records. She witnessed the birth of Esther Hartley on 21 Mar 1858 at Higher Broadclough, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She and Greenwood Hartley appeared on the census of 1861 at Higher Broadclough, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She and Greenwood Hartley immigrated on 24 Oct 1869 to Boston, MA.
Children of Ann3 Emmet and Greenwood Hartley were as follows:

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