Descendants of Edmund Emmet

Generation One

1. Edmund1 Emmet married Sarah (--?--).

Children of Edmund1 Emmet and Sarah (--?--) were as follows:

Generation Two

2. George2 Emmet (Edmund1) was christened on 23 Jul 1796 in Lea Clough, Bacup, Lancashire, England. He married Mary Wolfenden on 10 Jan 1831.

Children of George2 Emmet and Mary Wolfenden were:

3. Isaac2 Emmet (Edmund1) was christened on 25 Oct 1798 in Bacup, Lancashire, England. He married Esther Howorth, daughter of James Howorth and Mary (--?--), on 1 Mar 1821 in St. Chad, Rochdale, Lancashire, England.

He was an agricultual labourer; man servant.

Children of Isaac2 Emmet and Esther Howorth were as follows:

4. David2 Emmet (Edmund1) married Mary (--?--).

Bacup Today

Children of David2 Emmet and Mary (--?--) were:

The map to the right shows many of the areas mentioned on this page as they appear today.

The following census information for 1841 and 1851 was provided by Elaine Watson:

Spotland Township Stubby Lee Bacup 1841 Census
Isaac Emmett 43 years Ag. Lab.
Esther " 41 years
James " 19 years Ag. Lab.
Mary " 19 years Cotton weaver
Sarah " 15 years " "
Ann " 12 years
Esther " 6 years
Elizabeth " 3 years
Mary Emmett 54 years Ind. (possibly means she was independent in supporting herself).

During the 1851 Census, Isaac was living and working out of the house as a servant at Stubelee house.

St. Johns Parish Bacup (Part of Spotland) 1851 Census
Ann Corfield Head Widow 58 years House Maid Aber???Monmouthshire Wales
Julia Fraser Dau. u/m 24 years House Servant East Indies(British Subject)
Isaac Emmett Resident 52 " Man Servant Lancashire ?????clough(could be Loveclough)
Esther Emmett Lodger 50 years Lancashire
Nothill (near Shawforth just up the road from Stubby Lee)
Mary Tattersall Resident 30 years Coachman's wife Lancashire
Greenook nr. Hapton

According to Elaine, "This would indicate that the above were left at the house whilst the master was away,(no coachman!!) I looked further down the Stubby lee entry and :- "

Mary Emmett Head u/m 26 years Cotton Weaver Rochdale
Ann Emmett Sister u/m 22 "
Esther Emmett
16 " Throstle Spinner Rochdale
Elizabeth Emmett
13 "
Isaac Emmett Brother
9 Tea boy

Ann's sister Mary was in charge at this house. The youngest son made tea for the mill workers as he was too young for other work in the mills.

Female Emmet - possibly Ann
Female Emmet

Generation Three

5. John3 Emmet (George2, Edmund1) married Mary (--?--). He married Ann (--?--).

Children of John3 Emmet and Mary (--?--) were as follows:

There were no children of John3 Emmet and Ann (--?--).

6. Ann3 Emmet (Isaac2, Edmund1) was born on 10 Jun 1829 in Bacup, Lancashire, England. She married Greenwood Hartley, son of Robert Hartley and Mary Pilling, on 18 Dec 1851 in Bacup Chapelry, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She died on 5 Sep 1906 in Rochester, MA, at age 77. She was buried in Sherman Cemetery, Rochester.

She was listed as Hannah on daughter Mary Ann's wedding records. She witnessed the birth of Esther Hartley on 21 Mar 1858 in Higher Broadclough, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She and Greenwood Hartley appeared on the census of 1861 in Higher Broadclough, Bacup, Lancashire, England. She and Greenwood Hartley immigrated on 24 Oct 1869 to Boston, MA; Travelled on the S.S. "Palmyra". Captain William Watson of the HMS Palmyra of Glasgow. 1389 tons from the Port of Liverpool. 489 passengers. 31 Cabin. 458 sleepers. 36 Citizens. 453 Aliens.

Children of Ann3 Emmet and Greenwood Hartley were as follows:

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