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Descendants of Henry Upshall

Generation One

1. HENRY1 UPSHALL was born circa 1841 at Newfoundland. He married Catherine Dicks. He died on 27 May 1891 at Harbor Buffett, Newfoundland; La Grippe; interred Harbor Buffett.
Children of Henry1 Upshall and Catherine Dicks were as follows:

Generation Two

2. ELIZABETH2 UPSHALL (Henry1) was born in 1872 at St. John's, Newfoundland. She married Nathaniel James Tremills, son of Ralph Tremills and Lucilla Anne (--?--), on 21 Nov 1894 at Cambridge, MA.
Her married name was Terrills. She was also known as Chafe.
Children of Elizabeth2 Upshall and Nathaniel James Tremills were as follows:

3. FREDERICK2 UPSHALL (Henry1) was born in 1879 at Harbor Buffet, Newfoundland, Canada. He married Elizabeth Daly, daughter of Edward Dealy and Mary Elizabeth Rynault, on 16 Nov 1912 at Boston, MA. Marriage banns for he and Margaret A. Shave were published on 2 Sep 1919. He married Margaret A. Shave, daughter of George Alfred Shave and Melinda Kurley, on 8 Sep 1919 at Boston, MA.
He was a fisherman. He immigrated in 1896. He was naturalized in 1902. He lived in 1920 at 24 Laurel Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was a fishing trawler captain in 1920. He lived in 1930 at 32 Hensley Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.
Children of Frederick2 Upshall and Elizabeth Daly were as follows:
Children of Frederick2 Upshall and Margaret A. Shave were as follows:

Generation Three

4. FLORENCE ELIZABETH3 UPSHALL (Frederick2, Henry1) was born on 27 Jan 1914 at Boston, MA. She married George Wyman Ellis, son of George Ellis and Lillian Ethel Rayner, on 4 Aug 1933 at Boston by a justice of peace. She died on 13 Jul 1975 at Florida at age 61.
She was a Nurse. Received her nursing degree at the age of 52 from Beth Israel. She once tore down the walls of her house so her husband would do the remodeling she had wanted in Pinehurst, MA.
Children of Florence Elizabeth3 Upshall and George Wyman Ellis are as follows:

5. KATHLEEN PEARL3 UPSHALL (Frederick2, Henry1) was born circa 1916 at Massachusetts. She married Allen Wells.
She was also known as Pearl.
Children of Kathleen Pearl3 Upshall and Allen Wells are as follows:

6. GERTRUDE CLARA3 UPSHALL (Frederick2, Henry1) was born circa 1920 at Massachusetts. She married Edward Joseph Carroll.
Children of Gertrude Clara3 Upshall and Edward Joseph Carroll are as follows:

7. HENRY KIRBY3 UPSHALL (Frederick2, Henry1) was born on 27 May 1924. He married Arlene Norma Ward. He died in Aug 1988 at age 64.
Children of Henry Kirby3 Upshall and Arlene Norma Ward are as follows:

8. ESTHER ALINDA3 UPSHALL (Frederick2, Henry1) was born circa 1928 at Massachusetts. She married George Bumpus.
Children of Esther Alinda3 Upshall and George Bumpus are as follows:

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