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This family is different than my other web pages. The other web pages are for my direct ancestors. The Wilkinsons are not my direct ancestors but many are related. Mary Pilling, my ancestor, married a Hartley who died young. She then remarried a Wilkinson in Trawden. The family of Wilkinsons and Trawden then moved to Bacup, briefly to Fall River and then to New Bedford. So, you see, the Wilkinson and Hartley histories are combined in 4 Towns or cities in England and Massachusetts.

Generation One

1. MOSES1 WILKINSON married Jane (--?--).
He was a laborer in 1826 at Trawden.
Children of Moses1 Wilkinson and Jane (--?--) were as follows:

Generation Two

2. ROBERT2 WILKINSON (Moses1) married Mary Pilling, daughter of Greenwood Pilling and Nancy Shackleton, on 15 Sep 1839 at St Bartholomew, Colne.
He was a Weaver. He and Mary Pilling lived in 1841 at Hollin Hallrow, Trawden, Lancashire, England. He and Mary Pilling lived in 1851 at 183 Underbank Street, Bacup, Lancashire, England. He lived on 19 May 1855 at Underbank, Bacup, Lancashire, England.
Children of Robert2 Wilkinson include:
Children of Robert2 Wilkinson and Mary Pilling were as follows:

Robert was a weaver, the son of a weaver, a widower who married the widow of a weaver. He lived at Hollin Hall, Trawden after marrying Mary Pilling Hartley. Then the family moved to Underbank Street, Bacup with a smaller family. While they were living at Underbank Street, Mary's two sons married and they all moved a little North to Higher Broadclough where Robert and Mary were living alone in 1861 but next door to William and his wife and near Greenwood and his wife. It is not known where Elizabeth was in 1861.

William's sisters Jane and Elizabeth apparently stayed in England. Elizabeth would have been about 19 when the rest of the family left. It is likely that Robert died before the family emigrated.

3. BETTY2 WILKINSON (Moses1) was born on 25 Dec 1803 at Trawden, Lancashire, England. She was baptized on 29 Jun 1837 at Methodist Chapel, Trawden, Lancashire, England. She married Robert Stansfield.
She lived in 1841 at Chelsea, Trawden. She lived in 1851 at Townsend, Haworth.
Children of Betty2 Wilkinson and Robert Stansfield were as follows:

Generation Three

4. WILLIAM3 WILKINSON (Robert2, Moses1) was born on 5 May 1840 at Trawden, Lancashire, England. He married Tamar Dawson, daughter of William Barnes, on 6 Aug 1859 at St Johns, Bacup, Lancashire, England. He married Jane Rose, daughter of William Rose and Elizabeth Wilson, on 3 Jun 1905 at New Bedford. He died on 17 Aug 1910 at St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, at age 70. He was buried on 20 Aug 1910 at Lot 32, Section GG, Oak Grove Cemetery, New Bedford, MA.
He lived with Robert Wilkinson and Mary Pilling in 1841 at Hollin Hallrow, Trawden, Lancashire, England. He lived with Robert Wilkinson and Mary Pilling in 1851 at 183 Underbank Street, Bacup, Lancashire, England. He lived on 21 Jul 1870 at 140 Bedford St., Fall River, Bristol, MA. He lived in 1871 at 23 Peasiville? Street, New Bedford. He lived in 1872 at 1 Wall Street, New Bedford, MA. He was a Cotton Mill Harness Fixer. He lived in 1900 at Quaker Lane, Acushnet. He Listed as a farmer in 1905. Residence at 435 South Front Street at time of death. He lived on 6 May 1910 at 435 Front Street, New Bedford.
Children of William3 Wilkinson and Tamar Dawson were as follows:
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The Wilkinsons
There were no children of William3 Wilkinson and Jane Rose.

William married Tamar or Jane Dawson of Otley, Yorkshire. William was a weaver in Bacup and emigrated to New Bedford. The writing on the back of The Wilkinson Photograph says, "sold hats in their front room." If the picture was of William's family, it would date it before 1872.

The Wilkinsons were living at 4 Wall St. at the time when 11 year old John and 9 year old Robert drowned. Two other Smith boys were drowned the same day. They were all buried in the same cemetery lot owned by Preston Smith, the father of the 2 boys. Also buried in this lot in Oak Grove Cemetery, New Bedford was Esther Hartley, Margaret Foster Pilling, Mary Pilling Hartley Wilkinson, Sampsons and other Wilkinsons.

The story of the drowning was picked up on Jan 22nd, 1872 by the 2 New Bedford Papers, the Mercury and the Evening Standard both of which are quoted below in part. According to the Evening Standard,

pleasant street
The Wilkinson's New Bedford Neighborhood


Yesterday noon as soon as the Sunday school at Mr. Dennison's North Mission Chapel, corner of Purchase and Pearl streets was dismissed, eleven boys of the school went to Willis Point to play on the ice, or perhaps as one account states to cross over for play on "the Isle of Marsh", a high rocky hill connected by marshes with the Fairhaven shore.

According to the New Bedford Mercury,



The Northerly part of our city was thrown into a state of high confusion yesterday, by a sad and terrible accident, which has bereaved two families of two boys each.
The articles go on to tell of those who fell in the water, those who were saved and the rescue and recovery operations. One saved was a Sharples boy by his father on 201 Pleasant Street. The Mercury goes on to say,

Two more of the boys, sons of Mr. Wm. Smith, lived in the same house, No. 201 Pleasant street. One of these - James, aged 10 years, was the one who first broke through. His body was recovered by Albert Tripp and Charles [Moabey?]. He was dead when taken out. The other son, John, 13 years old, was also drowned, and his body has not yet been recovered.
��������Two sons of William Wilkinson, who resides on the south east corner of Wall and Ray streets, were also drowned. The body of Robert, aged 9m, was recovered at 6 minutes before 3 o'clock; that of the other, John W., aged 11, has not yet been found.
��������…A large company gathered at Willis' Point , attracted, partly by sympathy and partly by curiosity. The crowd was very quiet, watching with eager eyes the operations of the three boats' companies engaged in the search for the drowned,. As the bodies were taken from the water and carried through the assemblage to their homes, many felling expressions of sympathy were heard for the parents so suddenly plunged in such deep sorrow. Of the grief of those fathers and mothers but one thing can be said, - It is too sacred to be blazoned to the world.
��������And yet one fact deserves especial notice; their neighbors, one and all, were ready and willing in their offers of assistance and sympathy, and in those humble homes of sorrow were witnessed kindnesses as tender and true-hearted as can be found anywhere.
The Smiths boys were actually sons of Preston Smith as correctly reported in the Evening Standard. He owned the lot in Oak Grove Cemetery where Esther Hartley was buried less than a year and a half before this time. The Smith and Wilkinson boys were also buried here. Preston's wife was Ellen Hartley, daughter of John Hartley and Alice Platt.

William's occupation was listed on his son Robert's death certificate as a cotton mill harness fixer, but was listed as a farmer living in Acushnet at the time of Tamar's death. He moved back to New Bedford shortly after and at age 65, he married an English-born 63 year old house keeper who had never been previously married.

Generation Four

5. MARGARET J.4 WILKINSON (William3, Robert2, Moses1) was born in 1866 at Bacup, Lancashire, England. She married John Fred Walton, son of Lonsdale Walton, on 17 May 1884 at New Bedford.
She was also known as Mary.
Children of Margaret J.4 Wilkinson and John Fred Walton were as follows:

Elmer Lewis
Elmer Lewis
6. WILLIAM4 WILKINSON JR. (William3, Robert2, Moses1) was born on 22 Jun 1879 at New Bedford. He married Esther M. Thomas, daughter of George Thomas and (--?--) Peterson, on 15 Aug 1899 at New Bedford. He was buried at Long Plain Cemetery, Acushnet, Massachusetts.
He lived in 1899 at Acushnet. He was a farmer in 1899. He lived in 1920 at 958 County Street, New Bedford. He was a cotton mill 3rd hand in 1920.
Children of William4 Wilkinson Jr. and Esther M. Thomas were as follows:

Generation Five

7. ELMER LEWIS5 WILKINSON (William4, William3, Robert2, Moses1) was born on 10 Apr 1900 at Acushnet. He married Vivian Lorraine Gonsalves circa 1935 at Massachusetts. He died in Sep 1979 at New Bedford, 02740, at age 79.
Children of Elmer Lewis5 Wilkinson and Vivian Lorraine Gonsalves were:

William Jr
Nellie Wilkinson Travers
8. NELLIE FRANCIS5 WILKINSON (William4, William3, Robert2, Moses1) was born on 23 Dec 1904 at Rochester. She married Antonio Travers. She died on 14 Jun 1964 at age 59.
Her married name was Tavares.
Children of Nellie Francis5 Wilkinson and Antonio Travers are:

Generation Six

9. PAUL LEWIS6 WILKINSON (Elmer5, William4, William3, Robert2, Moses1) was born on 25 Oct 1936 at Massachusetts. He married Patty Lu Lindeman on 17 Sep 1959 at Florida. He died on 15 Aug 2005 at Massachusetts at age 68.
Children of Paul Lewis6 Wilkinson and Patty Lu Lindeman are:

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