Descendants of James Frazer

Generation One

1. JAMES1 FRAZER was born circa 1717 at Aghrafinigan, Ardcarne, Roscommon. He married Katherine Fitzgerald in 1745.
He was a farmer.
Children of James1 Frazer and Katherine Fitzgerald were as follows:

Generation Two

2. ARCHIBALD2 FRAZER (James1) was born circa 1751. He married Catherine Peyton, daughter of John Peyton and Hannah Wynne, in 1780. He was buried on 13 Aug 1835 at Ardcarne; aged 84.
He lived at Agrafinningan. He lived at Tullymore, Sligo.
Children of Archibald2 Frazer and Catherine Peyton were as follows:

3. MICHAEL2 FRAZER (James1) was born circa 1764. He married Margaret (--?--). He died on 17 Mar 1837 at Ardcarne; aged 73.
He lived at Church Hill and Cleragh.
Children of Michael2 Frazer and Margaret (--?--) both born at Eastersnow Parish Church, Roscommon, were as follows:

Generation Three

4. JOHN PEYTON3 FRAZER (Archibald2, James1) was born circa 1781. He married Frances Carlton. He died on 22 Nov 1865; aged 84.
Children of John Peyton3 Frazer and Frances Carlton both born at Ardcarne Parish Church, Roscommon, were as follows:

5. CATHERINE FITZGERALD3 FRAZER (Archibald2, James1) was born circa 1785. She married French McDermott Roe, son of Thomas McDermott Roe, in 1805. She died on 16 Aug 1850.
Children of Catherine Fitzgerald3 Frazer and French McDermott Roe all born at Kilmactranny Parish Church, Sligo, were as follows:

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Edward Frazer of Annagh
6. EDWARD3 FRAZER (Archibald2, James1) was born circa 1799. He married Mary Kirkwood, daughter of Thomas Kirkwood, on 4 Mar 1839. He died on 8 Mar 1863. He was buried on 11 Mar 1863 at Ardcarne.
He lived at Annagh, Sligo. He left a will on 8 Dec 1862.
Children of Edward3 Frazer and Mary Kirkwood were as follows:

7. ARCHIBALD3 FRAZER (Archibald2, James1) was born circa 1801. He married Catherine Knott on 2 Mar 1829 at Ardcarne Parish Church, Roscommon. He died on 29 Apr 1885 at Ontario, Canada.
He was a farmer. He lived in 1861 at Arthur, Wellington, Ontario.
Children of Archibald3 Frazer and Catherine Knott were as follows:

8. PATRICK3 FRAZER (Michael2, James1) was baptized on 16 Dec 1803 at Eastersnow Parish Church, Roscommon. He married Jane Lacy.
Children of Patrick3 Frazer and Jane Lacy were as follows:

Generation Four

9. WILLIAM FITZGERALD4 MCDERMOTT ROE (Catherine3 Frazer, Archibald2, James1) was baptized on 18 Jun 1821 at Kilmactranny Parish Church, Sligo.
Children of William Fitzgerald4 McDermott Roe include:

10. EDWARD WYNNE4 FRAZER (Edward3, Archibald2, James1) was born on 27 Jan 1842. He was baptized on 25 Feb 1842 at Kilmactranny Parish Church, Sligo. He died on 24 Jan 1896 at Annagh, Sligo, at age 53. He was buried on 27 Jul 1896 at Ardcarne; aged 54.
Children of Edward Wynne4 Frazer both born Ballyfarnon, Sligo include:

11. JOHN4 FRAZER (Edward3, Archibald2, James1) was born in Mar 1843 at Annagh Lodge, Aughnacloy, Sligo. He was baptized on 16 Apr 1843 at Kilmactranny Parish Church, Sligo. He married Mary Evangeline K Kennett, daughter of Henry Kennett and Mary (--?--), between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884. He died in Oct 1925 at Dublin South at age 82. He was buried on 20 Oct 1925; age 83.
He was a surgeon in 1901. He lived between 1901 and 1911 at Kilteasheen, Rockingham, Roscommon.
Children of John4 Frazer and Mary Evangeline K Kennett were as follows:

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